Research projects

Ongoing international research projects

How the human mind makes use of contraries in everyday life: An new multidimensional approach to contraries in perception, language, reasoning and emotions
Contraries are pervasive in our perceptual experience of the world, our emotions, our systems of classification, our reasoning processes and our language. What lies behind this fact? Are we dealing here with a really basic cognitive structure?
By means of experimentation, this project will study the invariant structures of opposition as they emerge from various different cognitive functions and will consider the consequences of these results in terms of theory, methodology and application to specific contexts.

Research leaders
Ugo Savardi, Roberto Burro, University of Verona, Italy
Ivana Bianchi, Carla Canestrari, University of Macerata, Italy
Linden Ball, University of Central Lancashire, UK
Marco Bertamini, Liverpool University, UK
Rachel Giora, University of Tel Aviv, Israel
Michael Kubovy, Universities of Virginia, USA
Carita Paradis, Lund University, Sweden
Ian Verstegen, Universities of Pennsylvania, USA

Status: Present (2014–2022)

Related Events:
Opposition and contrast as key structures in perception and cognition
24-25 October 2013 (Verona, Italy)

Contrast in perception, cognition and language
29-30 October 2015 (Verona, Italy)

How Things Look. Paolo Bozzi’s Experimental Phenomenology: An Annotated Anthology (Eds. Ivana Bianchi and Richard Davies)

The volume will collect a range of articles by Paolo Bozzi on the psychology of perception and on the philosophical and methodological questions that arise concerning enquiries into perceptual experience. Out of Bozzi’s output of about one hundred articles, book chapters and monographs, the present anthology presents a selection of 18 items aimed at giving a taste of the complexity and richness of his thought. Only two of these texts have been previously translated into English. Each translated item is commented on by a leading scholar in the field to which it is a contribution. Many of the commentators knew or have been influenced by Bozzi.

Other collaborators (translators and/or commentators on individual chapters):
Tiziano Agostini, Professor of General Psychology, University of Trieste, Italy
Paola Bressan, Research Scientist in General Psychology, University of Padua, Italy
Luigi Burigana, Professor of Psychometrics, University of Padua, Italy
Roberto Casati, Senior Researcher, Institut Jean Nicod (CNRS), Paris, France
Alan Costall, Professor of Theoretical Psychology, University of Portsmouth, UK
Maurizio Ferraris, Professor of Philosophy, University of Turin, Italy
Alessandra Galmonte, Assistant professor in General Psychology, University of Verona, Italy
Sergei Gepshtein, Principal Investigator, Salk Institute for Biological Studies, Cal., USA
Michael Kubovy, Professor of Psychology, University of Virginia, USA
Sergio Cesare Masin, Professor of Psychometrics, University of Padua, Italy
Kevin Mulligan, Professor of Analytic Philosophy, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Francesco Orilia, Professor of Philosophy and Theory of Languages, University of Macerata, Italy
Ugo Savardi, Professor of General Psychology, University of Verona, Italy
Barry Smith, Professor of Philosophy, SUNY at Buffalo, NY, USA
Achille Varzi, Professor of Philosophy, Columbia University, NY, USA
Ian Verstegen, Lecturer in Visual Studies, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Johan Wagemans, Professor of Experimental Psychology, University of Louvain, Belgium
Daniele Zavagno, Researcher in General Psychology, Bicocca University of Milan, Italy
Luisa Zecchinelli, Instructor in Psychology of Music, Verona Conservatoire, Italy

Status: Present (2013–ongoing)

Past national research projects

  • The construction of knowledge
    [SSIS Grant 2009. Coordinator: U. Savardi]
  • The perception and cognition of opposites. Generalization, formalization and application of a new experimental theory of opposites based on the perception of space and body motion.
    [Prin 2008. National coordinator: U. Savardi]
  • Phenomenological analysis and computational models for real-time analysis of full-body movement and expressive gestures
    [Prin 2007. National coordinator: C. Chiorri]
  • Models of knowledge and concepts of error
    [Cofin 2005. National coordinator: M. R: Egidi].
  • Development of knowledge regarding the Experimental Phenomenology of Perception in an archive integrated with onthologies
    [Cofin 2004. National coordinator: M. Ferraris].
  • The perception of objects and properties. Invariance and contrariety in mirrors.
    [Cofin 2002. National coordinator: M. Ferraris].
  • Lab on-line. A multimedial on-line laboratory on research and education in the psychology of perception.
    [Cofin 2001. National coordinator: M. Massironi].
  • Shadows and borders. Spatio-temporal integration and the psychophysics of color.
    [Cofin 2000. National coordinator: O da Pos].